General Project Guidelines

  1. All of the projects are dedicated to Juan Carlos Ferrero only so and are done by the fans, for the fans! None uf us knows JCF personally nor do we have any personal contact adress so please do not ask for it. He does not know about this site and personal messages sent in here will not be forwarded to him, except they are part of one of the projects.
  2. It's up to you whether you want to include your email adress in your contribution but do not expect Juan Carlos Ferrero to get back to you!
  3. We will try our best to hand the projects to JCF in person, though. It depends on each single project on who will give the final product to him. If you're going to a tournament where he is supposed to play and willing to do that, please contact the webmiss.
  4. Please read the specific guidelines for each project carefully before you join. Do not sign up if you are not willing to contribute in the end. Once you've signed up you'll receive a confirmation email and the contact adress.
  5. Deadlines and guidelines are not for fun - please keep them in mind and try to follow them! It makes it a whole lot easier to organise everything! If you send anything through snail mail (not email) make sure you send it in time! I will not take any responsibility if your package gets lost on the way or arrives too late. If the deadline's over, it will not be included. Check at your local post office about how long it may take!
  6. Your submissions can be in English or Spanish - no other languages please! Your contribution(s) will be reviewed by the JP staff to make sure no offending or trash material will be included in any of the projects. It's up the the person who organises the project to approve or refuse any submission!
  7. Project suggestions are always welcome! If you have any idea for a new project or one planned/running, don't hesitate to contact the webmiss.
  8. I'll be happy to help you set up everything and/or promote your project on this site.

  9. Please send a short email notice to the person who organises the project once you've posted your package. You'll be notified as soon as your package has arrived.
  10. If you've signed up for a project, you'll be notified per email about any changes or updates. General news or changes about all projects and/or the site will be posted on the site and also sent out with the mailing list.
  11. If you still have any questions you can discuss them at the JCFIC Group.